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Download JumpingBar


(46MB / Time to download : 11 minutes)

Download JumpingBar


(32MB / Time to download: 7 minutes)

JumpingBar only supports windows PC. The above download packages include EXE and RAR package. Download one of them is ok. The former can be downloaded and installed; the latter can be decompressed and double-click the main running file "JumpingBar.exe", that is to run the JumpingBar.

If your computer does not support audio files in FLAC format, please download and run this plug-in file: flac_ogg_opencodecs.exe

Tips: When downloading, installing or running this software, your computer system (or other security software) may have regular security warnings. Please pay attention to the warnings and select them correctly.
If you have any questions during the download, installation and use process, please feel free to feedback to us (contact information is at the bottom of this page).


The music picture (. JPG) and the corresponding music file (. MP3) are loaded into the software.

Operation of the software: Separate the bars in the score Mark the playing progress Generate the video (. Mp4).

Watch some videos made by this software: [Example 1 (guitar score)], [Example 2 (simplified score)], [Example 3 (staff score)]. More samples ...


Production process (Video tutorial) 1 ...

Production process (Video tutorial) 2 ...

Help document ...